Best women’s golf bags

What do you consider a perfect bag for golf? Men’s choices will vary greatly from women’s. There are specific factors that women would consider in selecting the best golf bags for women. Not only finding out what to look for in a bag for women but also finding out the best women’s golf bags is what you are possibly aiming at and it is exactly why you are going to look into a number of golf bags for women just to help you come up with your best. There are so many golf bags for women in the market including; ladies golf cart bags, those with stands, designer, leather, lightweight, large, small, and many other types. All these might have something we want to see in a golf bag before we comfortably go for it. In this article, we are going to sample a number of golf bags for women and possibly find the best golf bags for women.

List of best women’s golf bags

There are so many golf bags for women in the market, each with different provisions and coming in different sizes, colors, and designs. It might be hard to choose from among all of the available bags. However, after detailed research, we bring you our top pick for women’s golf bags to make the process even easier. The following are the best women’s golf bags

 1. Glove it women’s golf bag.

Style is always paramount for ladies. This brings you style plus more other features that come with such nice ladies’ golf cart bags. It is a stylish cart bag that comes with different color patterns and different color variations that are certainly appealing. To add to the style, this bag is a lightweight bag with simple three lift-assist handles for simple movement around. This makes it a nice travel bag option for many golfer women. About the convenience of carrying the clubs, this bag comes with up to 14 club dividers, which is good news for club accessibility, 9 different zip-off pockets for the golf balls, a rain hood in case the weather gets hostile, and some cooler pocket for the drinks on a sunny day, not forgetting the umbrella sleeves and a customized soft lining valuables pocket. On the other end, this bag enjoys a highly customizable logo capability to add flavor to the color.


  • Super light cart bag
  • Stylish
  • Customisable logo capability


  • No stands

  2.  Izzo ultra-lite stand bag

Here is another compilation of lightweight and heavily equipped easy to use golf bags for women. This golf bag comes with stability stands to help support it whenever you are not holding it. This one is one of the most detailed women’s golf bags with stands. This means that there is no need for a cart trailing the bag. The bag is also equipped with a smart grip handle to help you load it off and on the car. With this bag, you absolutely have no need to worry about organization. It comes with 4 way padded golf club compartments as well as two full-length dividers for easy organization and protection of the shaft. This bag comes with a dual strap for carrying it, a rain hood in case it gets raining, an umbrella strap, a waterproof valuable pocket, and a towel clip.


  • Stands for stability
  • Easy to load and offload
  • Extra storage


  • Can soak when rained on


3. Orlimar pitch and putt lightweight stand/carry

This one is one of the simplest options you can go for when you want a simple golf bag for women. It basically has one accessory pocket. The bag is made of simple ultra-weight material which is crafted for convenience. This bag eliminates the need for using any carts sconce it has its own stand to keep it stable.  To make it even easier to move around, it has durable carry handles. This is a light bag and it requires light packaging. There can be those sessions that can be short and consequently need very few items. Though it is not as small, it has a limited carriage and may require moving around with very little stuff. Apart from all that, it has a lot of color variations to choose from. You can comfortably select the color you want and still enjoy the simple convenience. Talk of the lightest women’s golf bags with stands.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Easy to move with
  • Detachable carry straps


  • Limited capacity

 4. Taylor made a 5.0 ST stand bag

Here is another great stand golf bag that comes with more flexible features. This bag is simple but with wide flexible space to fit a removable XL ball pocket and six more pockets including a nice water sleeve. The bag is relatively lightweight since it is one of the medium-sized packs that are available for women golfers. It has up to 14 dividers which would mean even more clubs and some more space to stuff extra necessities. This type of bag is highly stable with a stand provision and a customized handle to help move it with ease. Made of polyester, it is not only durable but strong enough to handle pressure. It has a nice design alongside the ease of carrying it around whenever since it can hold so many things but still be easy to carry around. The bag might not have so many pockets but it has great convenience.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to carry


  • Fewer pockets

 5.       Ibella Ladies golf cart bag

This bag brings you a pure compilation of the latest design and the latest fashioning and materials. It is uniquely designed to have the best appearance that precisely seems to make a bold statement of you whenever you get to the course. Apart from that, the bag, from its material, seems to indicate how strong it can be. This bag has a lot of attention paid to its details. It comes with a scorecard sleeve, a Velcro glove, an umbrella holder, and a rain hood cover to make sure all the included items are well catered for. The bag includes up to 8 zippered pockets which are waterproof and an insulated water bottle compartment to make sure your water remains cool in the sun. This bag had every single detail thoroughly catered for to make sure it is good enough to handle all that a golfer might need. To finish off, the bag has a great deal of classy stuff. The colors are not as patterned but the general appearance seems to be so classy making it a very nice choice that pays attention not only to storage details but also the appearance.


  • Classy bag
  • Detailed pocket provision
  • Made to last


  • No stand

  Best women’s golf bags buying guide

It is always very important to find out what features you want in a good item before purchasing it. It is no exception with the golf bags for women. However, the first thing that we need to know before we get selecting bags for golf sessions is that a 2-4 hour session is such a long time on the golf course and it might require more than we actually anticipate. That is why you need to find a golf bag that is very suitable and can satisfy all of the needs that come with visiting the golf course as a player. Now, here are some of the most important factors that you ought to consider before you select the best women’s golf bag.

Number of pockets

A golf bag, especially for women, is absolutely all about pockets. The number of pockets will dictate how much space is available and how much more adjustments you might need to make. More bags nowadays are including more customized space for some few drinks and beverages which is a good idea. Sometimes the time spent on the golf course would exceed up to five hours. This means that there are more things to be carried there. For example, if the weather changes abruptly, there might be a need for extra clothing and maybe some sunscreen or even a raincoat if it gets to the extreme end. Leave alone the spare golf balls, extra golf gloves; an extra pocket would be necessary to keep the car keys, some drinks for a hot day, and many other valuables. Considering all this, you might need a bag large enough to hold all these things.


Sometimes it is necessary to have a pushcart when the bag being used is a cart bag. There are different ladies’ golf cart bags and the size of the cart bag or the cart itself would decide what you go for. When there is a cart bag to be used, it is necessary to have a cart bag that is just large enough to fit the cart perfectly. The terrain of the course would also mean a lot during the selection since a large or heavy bag would need a relatively flat terrain. If there will be rough terrain on the course it then better be a lightweight cart bag for ease of movement.

Ease of use

The main function of a golf bag is to hold the golf clubs. Now, the ease of accessing the bag is what would really matter a lot when purchasing a good bag. There are different options for this. A golfer would carry up to 14 clubs in the bag and still need an extra compartment for the 15th one. Some would have even seven more separate compartments. Go for a bag that has full-length dividers which can keep the clubs separately where one can easily access them. If there are so many clubs to carry, one would need to have up to a 15-way golf bag with full-length dividers.


So many different bags exist in the market. All of them have different design specifications and styles. Everyone has their taste in the style too. So it is better when you check on the specific style of the bag. One might be better than the other to you and that is possibly the best choice for you. It is one of the main important considerations when selecting the best women’s golf bags.

Extra customization

Sometimes, there needs to be some extra customization like adding a tam label or some customized monogram, which is a very nice feature. With such thoughts, it is important to check whether the bag really comes with that option. Many would like a logo, a brand, or a monogram added to the bag to make it look even more appealing. When buying a golf bag for women, you would need to find out whether some of these features are really available. Many players have their golf bags branded and it seems to be a nice trend, so you might want yours to fit in as well, and checking for one with such provisions would really help.

Final word

We may say that the best women’s golf bags are those that have all the features we require at any given time. It might look stressful and a little messy when you have to go back for a new bag after some short time because something is not accommodated for the other. It should be one bag which serves so many purposes according to how you prefer them. To make sure you have one of this kind, the considerations above and many more others that you have in mind can be very important. In all of these specifications, there is obviously one that caters to all your needs and that is why you need to be so conversant with many of the available golf bags for ladies within the market.

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