Best landscaping hats

Landscaping is one of the activities that demand you to work in an open environment. Every landscaper knows how handy the best landscaping hats are when working out there. When landscaping, wearing a hat protects you from the sun’s UV rays preventing possibilities for sunburns, they protect you from snow, rain, and other adverse weather conditions. Since landscaping involves a lot of activity, the ideal hat for landscaping should not bar your vision while working. We researched the best hats to wear during your landscaping sessions. These hats are not only supposed to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays; but also grant a landscaper a comfortable and cozy experience outdoors. Here, we will help you select the best landscaping hats to keep your eyes off the sun’s rays and even for a cool outfit.

Exposure to the sun can also lead to skin damage, especially if one spends most of their time outdoors or in the sun. Since some individuals do not use sunscreen, landscaping hats hop in as lifesavers to keep you covered and even match your favorite outfit. Depending on a landscaper’s interests and preferences, they will eventually figure out the right hat after reckoning their taste and reason for purchase. Our buying guide shall later help you determine what hat shall work for you and what exact time and season.

List of best landscaping hats

Since choosing from between these hats has never been easy, we have this well researched and detailed list to help you find the best hat from among the many that we have in the market, ranging from landscaping straw hats and mowing hats to other landscaping sun hats that are there to select from.

1. Coolibar UPF 50 men’s Kaden crushable ventilated hat

We often look for a hat to wear when working in the sun is basically sun protection. This kind of hat is ideal for sun protection since it assures 98 percent sun protection, especially against UV rays. Talking of sun protection, this hat comes in a wide-brimmed shape that protects the face and the neck from the sun. The mesh ventilation mechanism that entails its design is perfect for cooling up the skin when it is too hot. The inside of the hat is made for maximum comfort with a soft lining that makes it comfortable and wearable. In windy situations, this kind of hat has you. It entails a leather adjustable chin cord with a wooden toggle that holds the hat in place. This hat is wearable in several sizes to finish up on all the other features, with an elastic closure that makes it somehow adjustable. If you need to do your landscaping activities a little far away from home and you have to pack up, this hat is very packable with its crushable material.


  • Flexible material
  • Soft lining
  • Maximum sun protection


  • Limited color choice

2. San Diego hat company men’s kwai braided straw lifeguard hat

There is ultimate sun protection in this landscaping straw hat. Available in several standard sizes, this Kwai sun hat offers superb sun protection whether in the garden or the fields, while doing any landscaping activities. It fits easily on the head and protects the face and the neck from sunburns and many other skin damages. As always, a good hat should have a chinstrap which this one does include to make sure that the hat remains in place even in the wind. You can tell from the way it is woven that the hat has a trendy design that lets you look cool and stay cool while you fight the sun at the same time. It’s simply a great statement of the outfit with its unique and stylish design. You ought not to worry about the weight. This hat is perfectly lightweight and has the design fit to be worn for a long time without seeming uncomfortable. The hat is recommended for hand wash only, meaning machine washing might damage it. Finally, the hat is an adjustable pull-on closure type to fit several sizes.


  • Stylish hat
  • Adjustable hat
  • Maximum sun protection


  • Strictly hand wash

3. Coolibar UPF 50+ men’s outback camo  Boonie hat

Starting with sun protection, this hat offers maximum sun protection to keep you safe from the skin damage that comes with direct contact with the sun rays. The brim is wide enough and well-shaped to protect the face and the neck from sunburn. With an internal sweatband, the sun is perfectly comfortable to wear since sweat will not bother the hot sun. The hat is available in 3 size brackets to ensure that no one is left out in terms of size. The best landscaping hat should be able to fit perfectly and stay in place while making you comfortable all through. It is designed with a drawcord and a toggle to make sure that you secure it on the head, even on windy days. This hat, unlike many others, is recommended for spot clean due to its material. The material can be wiped with a clean cloth to do away with the dirt. With this hat, you can easily pack light and move around with it. The material is perfectly crushable to help you with light packing. On the other hand, the hat is very light on the head, and it does not seem to be a burden when wearing it for a long time. This gives this hat an easy and soft-wearing experience.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable with drawcord
  • Comfortable to wear.


  • Limited color choice.

4. Simplicity women UPF 50+ wide brim roll up straw sun hats.

Here is another unique designed hat that can be very suitable for gardening and specifically for women.  This visor comes in several colors to match your outfit with an adjustable head circumference that ends in a loop and hook closure. 0since it is for women, it is specially crafted to fit the head with several hairstyles, including ponytail, which is often a problem to wear hats with. It has a roll-up function which is incredibly convenient as it is foldable to make sure the storage is not a big deal. The wide brim makes sure that the face and the neck are perfectly shielded from the sun damage. It is a perfect hat for gardening functions. However, many people prefer it as a mowing hat. The wide brim visor is perfectly convenient for gardening and many other landscaping activities. The straw hat comes with an elastic band for adjusting and holding the shape in place to add to the convenience. Finally, the visor is perfectly breathable to make you comfortable all through.


  • Perfectly breathable
  • Wide brim for sun protection
  • Elastic adjustability


  • Not so adjustable with size

5.  O’NEILL Men’s Sonoma print straw hat

If you like some embroidery on your hat, this one can be your best landscaping hat. It adds a simple detail that makes the hat more attractive and maybe prestigious. The hat is not only perfect for its appearance but also good for efficient sun protection. This is one of the straw hats that have a drawcord to keep it in place. It is creatively crafted from sea straw, which makes it a natural piece. It comes in several colors to choose from. The black fabric liner brings a final touch to the hat to make it look super attractive. There is a size chart for this hat to make sure you select your perfect size that would be wearable without much adjustment since it has no elastic adjustment mechanism for adjustment to fit many sizes. The brim is relatively smaller to fit those who do not like wide-brimmed hats but still need sun protection. The hat generally looks nice and is bound to be a good choice for stylish landscapers.


  • Stylish hat
  • Natural design
  • Different colors to choose from.


  • Not adjustable

Best landscaping hats buying guide

Before you make payment for your sun hat to be delivered, there are a few factors a landscaper should consider when selecting the perfect sun hat.

Brim size

Basically, this is a key factor that every landscaper considers before rushing out for shopping. Depending on the hat’s purpose to the landscaper, the size of the hat’s brim might vary in size from one gardener to another. Those who are very sensitive to sun rays tend to go for sunhats with a 3- 4.5 inches extra-large circumference brim always to keep them protected from the sun.

Material and construction

When considering the type and quality of material used to build sun hats, everyone tends to go for the best quality. Some hats are adapted to be water repellent, making them suitable for working in moist and drizzling conditions. For the good of your skin, you might want to consider hats built from thick and high-quality fabrics to make sure your skin is well protected from the UV sun’s rays. Moreover, remember to check the UPF rating of your landscaping and grass cutting hats to know which one is best for your time-to-time activities. Hats with a rating ranging from 40 to 50+ are considered the best for protection against UV rays since their UV transmission is below 2.5%.

Versatile and adjustable

Many sun hats come in handy with a drawcord (chinstrap), preventing them from falling off during windy days. This button anchors the hat firmly to ensure it stays in place the whole time. Your Boonie hat’s brim should be easily adjustable in a way that you can roll it up to gain more vision or pull it down to prevent sunshine from hitting your eyes and face skin directly.


I’ll recommend all landscapers seek caps that contain a ventilation mesh on either side to make sure you keep it cool even during the hottest of days. For a day in the sun, you might go for sun hats with the best ventilation structures since you’ll want to keep everything cool up there. Therefore, you are advised to avoid thick-fabric hats and tight weaves since they might end up building a lot of heat, thus making your day sweaty and stuffy as well. Accordingly, remember to look for a well-ventilated and breathable sun hat that will keep your head cool so that you can get the mowing done in no time.


Different people will obviously have varying color choices, i.e., ranging from the dullest to the brightest of them all. While some landscapers prefer going for silent and dull colors, others would be buying bright landscaper sun hats. Generally, everyone seemingly chooses their ‘best color’ or any appealing and attractive color.

Final word

When spring is almost here, many people are bound to spend so much of their time in the garden trying to plant something new. This absolutely means a lot of suns and outdoor experience. This is why you need sun protection. The best way to get that is by finding you an ideal hat for this purpose. The best landscaping hats are ones that could protect you from as much sun as possible and make the outdoor experience a good one by precisely making you comfortable through the process. Now, our review and buying guide presents you with some of the best hats for landscaping, ranging from mowing to gardening hats with all their features to help you find an easy time getting your best hat. Considering the factors on the guide would help you answer some questions that you might be asking yourself before you get to buy any of these hats. However, mark that the best hats for landscaping are ones that protect you from the sun and still make you feel comfortable.

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