Best hiking hat for hot weather

Hiking is both meditative and a sport to our bodies. It’s always interesting to hit the trail, and enthusiasts never quit when the weather gets hot. Finding the best hiking hat for hot weather shall let you enjoy cool hikes in the sun, especially during summer. Hiking hats meant for hot weather should meet the qualities discussed later on in our buying guide. It should be designed to allow space for breathing, bounce back as many sun rays as possible, be lightweight, and not blur your vision. Below we disclose our researched list of the best hot weather hats to wear when going out for your hikes.

Best hiking hats for hot weather list

The best hot weather hat for hiking has never been easy to find. However, with this well-researched and detailed list of hats with the features that an ideal hiking hat for hot weather should have, it might be a little easier. The following are our top picks for the hats, ranging from just hot weather hiking hats to gardening hats that are also suitable for hiking.

1. Conner handmade lightweight hat

A hat should come with when it comes to hiking is the maximum comfort of wearing it. This one is quite comfortable to wear. It includes smooth cotton lining that makes wearing a hat a comfort. With its unique design, the hat has a constant flow of air through the head to make sure that the head does not feel the effect of the hot sun that comes with the weather. In case there are any winds, there is bound to be maximum control. The hat has a chin cord to help keep the hat in position in case of strong wind or an encounter with low-hanging branches. This would give a perfectly secure toggle when the wind gets harsh. Away from that, the hat has a secret cotton pocket that can fit a credit card and something else of the sort. The hat can comfortably be worn the whole day without worrying about anything since it has a nice sweatband that makes it even more comfortable to wear. Lastly, the company provides a hat sizing chart that is really helpful to anyone who would want to find their size.


  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Has a chin cord
  • Breathable design


  • Quite a stiff brim

2. Colombia unisex adult borabora booney

If you need a hat that comes with a special feature, this can be the best hat for you. It comes in an Omni shape to make sure the harmful rays from the sun do not reach the skin. To add to that, the hat comes with UV absorbent yarns that block the full spectrum of the sun rays to make sure that sunburns and other skin damages are a thing of the past that we do not need to worry about. Sweat with this hat is also a story of the past. With an Omni wick, the sweat management part is well catered for. In simple terms, this mechanism moves moisture from the skin’s surface into the fabric when it spreads to make sure there is maximum evaporation. The chin cord has also not been forgotten to ensure that there is a minimum disturbance when it comes to strong winds and low-hanging tree branches. It has wide protective wear that is always wearable to any collegiate sunny day events and hikes. This makes it a nice choice for hot weather hats. The meshed vent on the side of the hat makes sure that there is a constant flow of cool air in the hat to reduce the effect of the heat from the sun. Lastly, this hat has keen attention to detail and gives the most exclusive hiking hat that would have to be comfortable.


  • Sweat absorbing material
  • It has a chin cord
  • Adjustable hat


  • A little costly

3. KOOLSOLY breathable wide brim hat

The first thing that anyone would always look for in a hat specified for hiking should be maximum protection from the sun, especially when it is for hot weather hiking. This sun is crafted especially for that purpose. The hat has a wide brim that protects the head from the sun.  With this hat, the head is perfectly cooled down through the hot weather experience outdoors with the meshed breathable craft that comes in this hat. The hast also consists of a chin cord that holds it tight whenever there is a wind, or one has to pass through a thick bush. The other problem with most of the hats is that the sizes cannot fit many people.  This hat is highly adjustable to make sure that it fits many people. This is made possible by the availability of an elastic drawstring that helps to adjust the hat to several possible sizes to help fit many people. The other thing that this hat has that is significant is that it is highly protective of its rays. This hat is crafted from premium polyester fiber cotton to ensure you are very safe from the sun rays.


  • Adjustable hat
  • Has a drawcord
  • Available in many different colors.


  • Only hand-washed

4. Sombriolet sun hat

If a bigger shade is your preference, then this is your hat. This hat is made to have a relatively wide-brimmed foam stiffened design that ensures enough shade to protect you from the sun.  A pull-on closure that comes with this hat is critical to help with having a tight grip on the head so that the wind does not take it away. A headband sweat-wicking mechanism keeps any form of swat away from making you uncomfortable. Precisely, the hat is very comfortable and breathable with its side vent mechanisms that allow in a lot of air to allow free circulation. You can have little to worry about when it comes to the weight of this hat and packing when you move around. This hat is very light and easy to pack. The material is very flexible, which makes it very crushable and easy to pack. The chin cord forms that mechanism of pull-on closure that makes this hat a little unique when it comes to the same. However, this hat is only friendly to hand washing. It is one of the hats that easily get destroyed when they are machine washed.


  • Side vents for circulation
  • Sweat-wicking headband
  • Breathable


  • It cannot be machine washed

5. Sunday afternoons adventure hat

When you need a lightweight hat that is sufficient simultaneously, this should be your first choice. It is a little unique from other hats with its design and shape. The design presents a uniquely crafted hat with a four-inch down-sloping front brim and a 3.75-inch side’s core and foam stiffened with a poly brim wire.  Adding to the unique design, it has a black veil neck flap that ensures the neck is well protected. The flap is also fitted with a lift-up tab for adjustability. It also has a mesh ventilation mechanism to keep the air flowing in hot weather. If this kind of design is the best for your outdoor activities, this can be the best hiking hat for hot weather.


  • Unique design
  • Sufficient sun protection
  • Drawcord pull up closure


  • Not adjustable to size.    

How To Choose The Right Hiking Hat For Hot Weather

What should an ideal hat for hiking have? To answer this question, we concentrated on the hiking environment, the activities expected, and challenges. Your hat might brush against low-hanging tree branches or any other surface, you are expected to sweat out of activity, and the weather also should be considered.


A hat for hiking should be made of abrasion-resistant materials. When hiking in nature, several surfaces and branches shall contact your hat; the material should be tough enough to stay intact. Preferably, go for a hat made of fabric that is easy to wash, quick to dry, and abrasion-resistant. The inner lining should be made of a sweat-absorbing material to prevent sweat from your head from flowing down your face and body.


It is winter, and you know how much sweat we expect from any activity, hiking included. Go for a hat that has ventilation to reduce the rate at which you sweat. A hat with air vents and a breathable material shall work best for hiking in hot weather.


Color consideration is important, especially for fashion and heat reasons. Dark colors absorb light and heat while light colors reflect them. During hot weather, a hat with a light color and a dark brim underside is the best. The outer light color shall reflect backlight, thereby reducing the heat that reaches your head, while the dark brim underside shall absorb any heat reflected from the ground.

The shape and size of the brim

The shape and size of the best hiking hat for hot weather should be able to protect the face from light and rays of the sun but not cover one’s vision. Therefore it is advisable to go for a hat with a medium brim, at least not more than 4 inches.

Features, design, and add-ons

These are the defining differences that make the best hat for hot weather. The features and design should be tailored to bring comfort during hot weather. Below are some of the features and add-ons to check for in the best hot weather hats.

An adjustable headband

Quality hats for hiking in hot weather have adjustable headbands to allow for your custom size. They let you adjust your hat to the most comfortable size for your head. Get a hat with a buckle, Velcro, or strap.


As a hiker, you shall not be wearing your cape all through but shall need it at your disposal. A foldable cape shall give you an easy time packing and save you space for something else that you need out there.


Remember the stubborn branches that fight to remain with your hat during hikes? That is why you need to find a hat with a strap to secure the hat on your head. Neither wind nor branches that are hanging low shall be an issue to worry about.

How comfortable the hat is

It is nice to consider how comfortable the hat is going to be. Comfort and ease is the first thing that we should consider in a hat that will be worn while hiking. Now, the material that is used to make a hat is the one that could dictate comfort and ease; for instance, not all hats have a cotton lining. That would make the hat a little more comfortable to wear on a hot sunny day. The best hot weather hat should be a hat that is comfortable to wear.

Final word

Finding the best hat for hot weather has never been easy. A passionate hiker would definitely want a hat that will take care of several issues that come with hiking in the hot sun. What matters is that you have the features that would lead you to the ideal hat. The buying guide above and the review of the best hiking hats for hot weather are there to help you with exactly that. Several other factors that come with personal preferences are also important to cater to. Precisely what one needs for a perfect hot weather hiking is an equally perfect hot weather hat. That might be somewhere on the detailed and researched list, and that is why we have to select wisely with the features in mind.

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