Best golf rain hats

Playing golf in the rain is not always so good, but it happens. Sometimes, the rain is not seen coming, but the game has to continue even with some showers. Sometimes, the showers take long to end, making it necessary for a golf player to have some extra attire, such as a golf rain hat. A nice golf rain hat will keep your head from soaking. The eyes will also be kept away from the water from rain, ensuring that you see well and continue with the game with little trouble. There are so many different types of golf hats for this purpose. They vary a lot, but you will have to choose your best from among them. This is why we have done some serious research to bring you our top picks to help you find the best rain golf hat for you from among the many available in the market.

Our top picks for golf rain hats

1. Zero restriction men’s Gore-Tex bucket hat

This hat brings you a fascinating feature. Size is never an issue with this rain hat. It is specified as one size fits all. It can be adjusted to fit any size. This hat also comes with a unique design that brings a wide brim to shed the user against rain. This one makes sure the face is covered too. Since we are going to use this out in the rains, a waterproof formation is significant. This one is seam taped to make sure that no water reaches the head or the face.  With this hat, cleaning is not such an issue but is specifically designed to be hand washed. A washing machine might destroy it. With its adjustable fit, anyone can comfortably wear it without having to worry about the size. It is available in two dark colors; black and navy. If your color matters, you might want to select from the available colors.


  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable fit
  • Available in different colors


  • Few colors are available.

2.  TOUTACOO, Adjustable bucket rain hat, nylon look

This nylon look is purely a nice one to think of when you are playing in the rain. Apart from the rain protection, this hat has a mechanism to protect you from the wind too. It has a windproof material that can be easily adjusted with the drawstring incorporated. This means some good news with the size since it can easily be adjusted to fit several sizes. We always look for these hats, and we can find in this hat that it is light and easy to fold, which means that wearing it or moving around with it is not a problem. To finish it up, this rain hat has a wide variety of colors to choose from. The lightness of this bucket will make it easy to handle anywhere and to wear it anywhere, even with the rain. The draw chord also makes it easy to fit tightly and complements the windproof material when used.


  • Windproof
  • Adjustable
  • Wide color range


  • There is no velcro

3.  FROGG TOGGS waterproof breathable Boonie hat

If you’re worried about not getting a hat that is compatible with machine washing, worry no more because here is your choice.  This is made up of purely other fibers. It is purely waterproof to protect the head and the hair plus the face from getting wet during the rain. It has a nice fit option that includes a drawstring to tighten the grip around the head to fight against the wind if the weather gets a little harsh during the game. Packaging this kind of hat should not be an issue since it is crushable and can be folded into a tiny piece that anyone can easily move around with. The hat is uniquely made to have a little brim to make sure that the vision is good. The size is also not a big problem since there is a drawcord to keep the hat in place. The hat is customized to protect the user against rain, and it can still protect them from the sun. This hat does not, however, come in so many color variations.


  • Totally waterproof
  • Crushable
  • Drawcord


  • Few color variations

4. Outdoor research cloud forest rain hat

 Here is another very nice rain hat that has even more exclusive features. This cap has a vent waterproof, which basically means that it has a mechanism of preventing water from getting to the head but can allow body vapor and moisture to escape, allowing free space. This basically means that it is comfortable to wear. The hat is also lightweight, which makes it comfortable to wear even for a long time. With a wicking transaction headband, the hat is also made special in that it can absorb all sweat from the brows and the eyes. The cap is generally stylish and has a reflective logo for visibility. It is not affected even when it is raining.


  • Stylish
  • Hand washable
  • Comfortable and light


  • Smaller brim

5. Sumolux waterproof quick-drying cap

Light wearing polyester breathable mesh design and waterproof hat for women. This is a perfect choice for women, considering the style and the wide range of colors.  It has a long brim and does protect you from the rain, including covering the eyes and the face.  The hat is very foldable and consequently very easy to carry around. Once you fold it, it is easy to pack it and store it. The meshed side panels help relieve body vapors and moistures from the head, making it even more comfortable to wear. This golf rain cap is an assurance of protection against rain when it comes to designing. It is also challenging to be blown away by the wind. The wide range of colors the cape is available in is a good choice for the ladies who want to keep up their outfits while playing.


  • Stylish cap
  • Wide range of colors
  • Breathable mesh design


  • Fixed sizes

How to choose the right golf rain hats

These hats are not the same. They have different specifications, and they are used differently. Now, there are so many things that we have to consider before going for any of these hats. That may be according to different specifications by the manufacturing company or the factors that deal with preference and choice. We should be aware that there are variations that we need to put into keen consideration before we can think of any of the specific hats that we have in the market. Here are some of them;

Pay attention to the size of the hat.

How the hat fits your head can dictate whether it is good enough to cover you through the entire rain period if it drizzles on you during the game. Ensure that the hat is your size and maybe has a mechanism to fit tightly on your head.  The fit is also as important when it protects the hat from being blown off by the wind. The wind will not easily blow off a well-fitting hat.  Several hats pay attention to that and provide a chin strap to ensure the heat is not blowing off. On the other side, some may include an internal pull-string or the fit.

Is the hat waterproof?

The inside of the hat should not make you feel uncomfortable when you have been rained on. A good rain hat for golf should keep your head and face dry. It should not allow water to pass through. Most rain hats are majorly designed for that, and you ought to confirm that the hat will protect you comfortably from the rain. Most of these hats are, however, perfectly designed to protect the users against rain.

Read the washing instructions.

Each hat has its own washing instruction. Be sure to read this since some of them get destroyed in the washing machines. It would be quite embarrassing for the hat to get destroyed in the washing machine, and you have to go for a new one. This makes it so important for the washing instructions to be read and followed.

Color and design

The colors and designs vary so much. While everyone has their own preference, the style can affect how well the rain can fit on your head. For this reason, it is important to know which design is impressive and most functional to you, as well as find your preferred color to match your outfit and add a little fashion. That’s why it is important to look at the design and the color.


The hats have varying prices, but they range along with the same price. It should be a consideration too when buying one since the budget will dictate what we get. However, the hats are not so expensive, and the price shouldn’t be a big issue. Some would want more than one to vary the color, but it’s still the same; see the price before selecting one. The features might change your target a little in terms of the price, but all that matters is getting the best golf rain hat.


An ideal golf rain hat should be lightweight enough not to make someone uncomfortable when it is rained on since it could absorb some water. An ultra-lightweight hat would be the best choice for any golfer since it is easy to play with and doesn’t seem like a burden. The material also matters a lot in determining whether the hat is lightweight or not. However, the hat should keep you warm even with the rain, and the material also matters a lot in this.

Ease of storing or moving with

The best golf rain hat is one that can be easily stored or one that you can easily move around with. This is basically a hat that folds up quickly with a lot of ease and can be stored well without taking up much space. Golf needs movement, and the hat must be one that one can easily move around with.  Checking the specifications will obviously give you the ideal hat.

Final word

Finding an ideal rain hat for golf is all about considering several factors like some of which we have highlighted above. With the great variations in the available hats in the market, we ought to select one, but after a detailed search for all the features you wish to have in a golf rain hat.  With the considerations in mind, it is also good to glimpse what a good rain hat for golf would look like. This is what we are trying to bring out in this article. Maybe you can get one from the ones we have picked, or even more important; it should guide you to find the best golf rain hat.

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